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Welcome all!

As I have a bad habit to make icons for things at random times, and they don't always get used, merely sitting on my Hard Drive unless someone happens to mention needing something from that particular series, I've decided to go ahead and post my creations.

The rules for use are extremely simple, namely that you credit this journal ([ profile] ribeiiru ) for creating the icons.  Otherwise, no comments are needed (though they would be loved).  You can also request character icons in this post, and if I have the source material, I'll try to make some.

Also this post will allow you to find the series you are looking for, quickly and easily. :)


Bastard!! - Arshes Nei
1 2

Chrono Chrusade - Rosette

Enzai - Durer

FAKE - Ryo MaClean Icons
1 2

Final Fantasy 2 - Firion

Final Fantasy 7 - Vincent Valentine Icons

Grandia II - Elena

Grandia II - Millenia

Hana Kimi - Mizuki Ashiya Icons

Hana Kimi - Sano Izumi Icons

Hana Kimi - Nakatsu Icons

Hana Kimi - Nanba Icons

Heroic Legend of Arslan - Arslan Icons
1 2

Heroic Legend of Arslan - Azrael Icons

Hunter x Hunter - Gon Freeces

Hunter x Hunter - Leorio and Killua

King of Fighters - Benimaru

Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Yang Wenli Icons

Lunar: Silver Star Story - Alex Icons

Lunar: Silver Star Story - Alex and Luna Icons

Lunar: Silver Star Story - Nall Icons

Lunar: Silver Star Story - Xenobia Icons

MARS - Kira Aso
1 2

MARS - Rei Kashino

MARS - Rei and Kira

Ookiku Furikabutte: Mihashi Ren

Persona 4 - SOME NSFW! Dojima Ryotaro, Adachi Tohru, Teddie

Phantasy Star IV - Rika

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time - Fayt Leingod

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time - Cliff Fittir

Vampire Hunter D: D

Xenosaga - chaos Icons
1 2

Xenosaga - Jin Uzuki Icons
1 2

Xenosaga - Shion Uzuki Icons

Xenosaga - Kevin Winnicott Icons

Xenosaga - Mary Godwin Icons

Xenosaga - Voyager Icons

Yami no Matsuei - Muraki Kazutaka Icons
1 2

Yami no Matsuei - Hisoka Kurosaki Icons

Yami no Matsuei - Watari Yutaka Icons

Yami no Matsuei - Tsuzuki Asato Icons


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Read more... )

Semi-Active Muses
These muses are basically "awake," but sometimes their voices are unwieldy or harder to control.

Character:  Vincent  Valentine
Series:  Final Fantasy 7
Journal:  [personal profile] emovampboy 

Character:  chaos/Yeshua
Series:  Xenosaga
Journal:  [personal profile] failsafegod 
Notes:  His journal contains power lists and a permissions post to help give you an idea of things he can do

Character:  Kira Aso/Kashino
Series:  MARS
Journal:  [personal profile] infinitemars 
Notes:  Generally played at age 19, after married a few years

Random Muses
* Inactive
** Semi-active
*** Active

Series:  Xenosaga
- Jin Uzuki**
- Shion Uzuki*
- Kevin Winnicott**

Series:  Resident Evil
Leon Kennedy**
Steve Burnside*
Billy Coen*

Series: FAKE
Randy "Ryo" Maclean***

Series: Metal Gear Solid
The Boss/The Joy**
Paz Ortega*
Sunny Gurlukovich (6 year-old)***

Series:  Yami no Matsuei
Muraki Kazutaka**
Hisoka Kurosaki**

Series: Ruroni Kenshin
Seta Soujirou**

Series:  Dead Rising
Isabela Keyes** (Her voice is still slightly OOC)

Series:  Persona 4
Ryotarou Dojima* to ** (Badly needs canon review!)

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Since I can't seem to keep to a weekly schedule, or sometimes even monthly, and I keep making icons, I'm doing a large dump this week of basically what I have uploaded. This way, I can start uploading icons I've been in the process of making next time. So, enjoy the flood!

Grandia II: Millenia )

Heroic Legend of Arslan: Azrael )

Hana-Kimi: Nakatsu )

Hana-Kimi: Nanba )

King of Fighters: Benimaru )

MARS: Kira Aso )

MARS: Rei and Kira )

MARS: Rei )

Phantasy Star IV: Rika )

Yami no Matsuei: Watari Yutaka )

Yami no Matsuei: Muraki Kazutaka )

By Request Yami no Matsuei: Tsuzuki Asato )

Ookiku Furikabutte: Mihashi Ren )

Star Ocean Till the End of Time: Cliff Fittir )

Vampire Hunter D: D )

Bastard!!: Arshes Nei )

Xenosaga: chaos )

Xenosaga: Jin Uzuki )

Xenosaga: Shion Uzuki )

Xenoaga: Voyager )
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And this week (...okay I missed one, shush) more icons! My newest ones haven't yet been uploaded to the LJ servers, but I'll do that after I finish posting all the ones that are already there. Please enjoy!

Heroic Legend of Arslan: Arslan )

Hunter x Hunter: Leorio and Killua )

Xenosaga: Mary Godwin )
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So after an unintended hiatus, wherein life hit and my motherboard went boom, I return with some icons.

Bastard: Arshes Nei )

Final Fantasy 2: Firion )

Grandia II: Elena )
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This is a first for me, so allow me to add lots of warnings and comments this time!

1. The icons below consist of a lot of fanart! If any of this fanart is yours and you would like it removed, or credited, please either comment here in the journal or mail me at and I'll do as your wish desires!
2. There are good chunk of these icons that may be NSFW. In fact, they may not be safe for people who are offended by homosexuality, either. Please view at your own risk!

Persona 4 - Dojima Ryotaro, Adachi Tohru and Teddie )
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Well, here I am, back with another update.  A friend pointed out to me that my last update was color-themed, without me even trying it.  I ended up with all blonds.  So, in honor of that insanity, I decided to go ahead and do a color theme this week too.  This week: Black!

Hana Kimi: Sano Izumi )

Xenosaga: Kevin Winnicott )

Final Fantasy 7: Vincent Valentine )
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Long time since I updated, but I'm back!  So, for your viewing pleasure, icons!
Chrono Chrusade: Rosette )
Yami no Matsuei: Hisoka Kurosaki )
Enzai: Durer (Requested Icons) )
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Hey, there's actually video game icons in this batch!  Or, well a character from a video game.  The icons themselves come from the manga, but still.  Do enjoy!

Star Ocean: TEOT - Fayt Leingod )

Hunter x Hunter - Gon Freeces )

Kira Aso - MARS )
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Uh... well, okay, seems it's mostly all these anime and manga icons I've made recently, but I promise, more game ones are on the way!  For now, enjoy!

Fake: Ryo )
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Yang Wenli )
Heroic Legend of Arslan: Arslan )
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Well, here is the first batch of icons for this journal. They're not the first icons I've made, just the most recent and the ones I have ready to go at the moment. Expect more as time goes on.

Also, although commenting to take one of these are not necessary, I would certainly appreciate if you guys credit the icons to [ profile] ribeiiru . Thanks!

Lunar Silver Star Story - Alex )

Lunar Silver Star Story - Nall )

Xenosaga - Jin Uzuki )


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